by Eric Eales

Team Sweden, silver medallists at the 2009 Worlds, have a new coach, Tomas Nordin, who  played in five World finals, winning 3 times at 3rd for  Peja Lindholm.

“It’s interesting to enter a new role, and take on a new challenge,” said Tomas. “I know regular curling, and think I have things to add also to wheelchair curling.”

Hans Säfström, head of sports at the Swedish Handicap Sport Association, added: “It’s exciting to work across borders; when a excellent able-bodied player steps into the role of coach, we are taking a step into something new.”

Jalle Jungnel, long time Swedish skip, who won bronze in Torino, took a year off and then resuscitated the Swedish program through qualification in 2008 before losing to Canada in the 2009 final, said that his team is inspired by what feels like a new beginning. “We are already training,” he said, “Just us and Annette Norburg’s team, though it feels strange to be on the ice when it is 25 degrees outside.”

As for his team’s Prospects in Vancouver: “As you know, it’s impossible to predict results, but we have said in team meetings that our goal is to be serious and prepare as well as we can, but still have fun all the way to Vancouver. No joy – no results, that’s the way we think.

“Vancouver…. well, Canada are obviously huge favourites, but we would like to join the group of 6-7 teams that are chasing them. We are set to go to play in Denmark, September 11, and later this fall we will compete in Norway, Switzerland and Prague.”

The 2009 silver medal team have been pre-selected to play in Vancouver. Lead Anette Wilhelm, second Patrik Burman, and third Glenn Ikonen will be skipped by Jalle Jungnell. The alternate player will be chosen from a candidate group of four players late this fall.

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