North Hollywood Curling

Name: Debbie “Deborah” McCormick

Country: USA

Age: 35

Curls out of: Madison Curling Club

Teammates: Allison Pottinger, Nicole Joraanstad, Natalie Nicholson, Tracy Sachtjen

Highlights: 6 time US national champion

Favorite Condiment: Best Foods Mayonnaise

Hobbies: Watching Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune, Pheasant Hunting, Pheasant Preservation

regimen: Curl hair in the morning, curl up with a good book, curl ribbon, then curl at the rink; Games of chicken foot and euchre

Debbie’s family immigrated to the United States from Canada when she was very young. Her father, Wally Henry, wanted to give his children a better life in the Land of Opportunity. He would risk his life sneaking them into the country, a treacherous 45 minute wait at the border checkpoint only served to make the family that much closer.

Upon arriving in the US with only the clothes on their backs, and $20 to their name, the Henry’s were relegated to the Canadian ghettos of Madison Wisconsin. It would be months before the Henry’s could expand their diet beyond Canadian bacon and Moulson. Wally Henry would not let his family down, and he worked relentlessly to provide for the family.

Living with the other Canadian ex-patriots, Debbie and her brother Donny practically grew up on the curling rink. Between curling sessions, she would learn English by watching American game shows like The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune.

As the Henry’s became cemented into the American way of life, they became resented by their less successful Canadian neighbors. Fearing for his family’s safety, Wally has the family trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat and fire-arm proficiency. Again, Debbie excelled, and has since used her fire-arm skills to become a world class pheasant hunter. If she didn’t need her face to sell calendars, she would also be a formidable opponent in women’s MMA.

Now, living the American dream, Debbie is on her way to the Olympics in Vancouver. The multi-hyphenate looks to expand her resume this Winter.

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