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Do the CBC Dragon’s buy the curling company or did they buy curling stone pizza and cookies? Will Curling Stone Pizza be the new addition to Boston Pizza menu after Jim Treliving sees and tries them?

Internet Curling Club and it’s main working partner Danny Trites presents the company to CBC Dragon’s Den on November 17, 2010. Did the Dragon’s want the company or did Jim Treliving buy into the curling stone shaped pizza that was served to them on the show.

The real question on everyone’s mind, will Boston Pizza carry the new curling stone pizza in its restaurants in Canada. Curling has started to take main stage with many great curling events beign promoted, new curling TV show (Men with Brooms – CBC Sitcom), curling superstars and maybe now Curling Stone Pizza.

While taking his 15 hours drive to Toronto, and stopping in Montreal along the way to do some work, ” Trites said “ I was thinking about my approach. I thought Boston Pizza…hmm, we have these curling stone cookie cutters, so why can’t we use them to make curling stone pizzas?” The same company that manufacturs the Curling Hats we sell, also produces curling stone-shaped cookie cutters ( While still navigating the highway, Trites got a Boston Pizza in Oshawa, Ontario on the phone. Kitchen Manager Zaine loved the idea, and Trites stopped by along his route to watch the curling stone pizzas take shape. “They were delicious,” said Trites. “And the Dragons seemed to like them, so we will have to see”.

Trites admitted his presentation almost got off to the worst possible start. “I can’t wait to see the show because I tripped going down the stairs,” laughed Trites. “I didn’t fall on my face, but I stumbled. It could be cute or it could be funny.”

There are many big plans already underway with Internet Curling Club and the Curling Proshop. The appearance on the Dragon’s Den and the pitch is just one of the amazing things we will be bringing to the curling industry in Canada for 2011.

Trites has loved curling since he was a teenager. He holds national coaching certificates, and predicts that Canada’s role as a curling hotbed could be leveraged to make money from international curlers coming to Canada to understand and improve their games.

Our two websites already have the largest Internet distribution of curling products.

“The Curling Proshop will focus on helping curling clubs, curling organization and curling teams to improve the sport through training, business development and management. One of the key ways is that we will be offering some free services, such as free curling club website, club management and sport development, and much much more” Trites said.

So stay tuned for the Dragon’s Den show on Wednesday November 17, 2010 on CBC TV and the many new releases we will bring you this 2010/2011 Curling Season.

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