Curl+Ray Stopwatch was newly developed specially for Curling, Curling Teams and Curling Coaches.


It was created in cooperation of applied physicists, electronics developers and skilled curlers. As a consequence we consider it as the most useful, the most precise and the most convenient and easy in use device for curling. Try it, enjoy it and be impressed by Curl+Ray.

Suggested Manufacturer Retail Price $ 999.99 CDN


Curl+Ray consist of three modules, supplied in convenient bag with all required cables drivers and manuals. It includes:

•· Laser Module

•· Measurement Module

•· Indication Board

•· Interface transmitter

•· 3 Power Supply adapters for 3 modules

•· Cable to connect Measurement Module and Indication Module (7 meters)

•· Cable to connect Measurement Module and Interface Transmitter (10 meters)

•· USB Cable to connect to PC

•· CD with Curl+Ray Software

•· User Manual

•· Bag

So, it Ready-to-Use when you receive it! Just put Laser Module and Measurement Module on hog-line, switch them on and deliver rocks!
If power supply outlet is too far, or using of cords in inconvenient then you can use standard AA batteries.


Curl+Ray is not a standalone device! It can be connected to any PC with USB port. That’s why we provide it with Software – Curl+Ray Tool. And when new versions of it will be developed, you will be able to download them free from
Install Curl+Ray Tool, plug in Curl+Ray to your PC, run program. You will see greetings screen:There are two ways of work: Board Mode and Calibration Mode.

Board Mode is a replacement or additional Indicator Board Module for your Curl+Ray:

It works on-line with Curl+Ray, no additional set-up required and once you open this screen, measurements results from device will be shown on screen.

Calibration mode is useful, when you are not satisfied with measurements results or if they do not correlate with time on your hand-stopwatch. Initially we provide Curl+Ray calibrated for average ice and average curler.

Curl+Ray Tool will suggest you to make several test deliveries that you will measure with your hand stopwatch, you will enter them, Curl+Ray Tool will compare them with its own measurements and will be adjusted automatically.

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