Crash Curling Website

Curling! Could any sport be more amazing, you ask? Well yes it can! Crash Curling is a blend of Curling and Miniature Golf, with brilliant cartoon graphics, but with the physics and strategy of the real world game.

Use the three types of stones to pass each obstacle course, and progress through the game.

It’s simple! Throw the Stone down the course and sweep it from side to side to navigate around the obstacles and score. Control the spin and power of your stone, then use the sweeper to help it along to get to the score zone!

Crash Curling takes you places the Olympics never could! From the glacial arctic, to the jungles of Central America. From a bustling downtown city, to the ancient land of Mt. Olympus. From the rings of Saturn, down to the gates of the Underworld. Crash Curling will test your skills in ways you never imagined.


– 18 Challenging Curling courses
– 6 Unique landscapes
o Glacial arctic
o Jungle
o Downtown
o Mt. Olympus
o Saturn’s Rings
o The gate of the Underworld
– 3 Specialty Curling Stones
– Hi-Score Records

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