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Those in charge of USA Curling’s Sport Education program are taking strides to help novice and elite curlers alike improve curling techniques.

The book is designed to help coaches and athletes gain “world-class knowledge and expertise,” according to a press release from USA Curling. The book, which addresses the technical aspect of the sport, is the first in a series of books that will present five core components that are essential for curling success.

The Five Elements manual from USA Curling Sport Education is the most comprehensive technical manual on the curling delivery ever put together,” 2010 Olympian John Benton told USA Curling. “There is no longer one way to throw a curling stone. The truth is that there have been, and always will be, many ways to slide the granite down the sheet. But (co-author and coach) Roger Schmidt figured out that the best curlers, regardless of their delivery type, all had the same five principles or ‘elements’ in common.

“This manual explains those elements and helps us to understand how to teach and apply them in any situation with any curler. Breaking down the delivery process in this way is a groundbreaking method, which allows for differing ages, genders, and body types to have more immediate success delivering the curling stone. Not to mention that it gives coaches and instructors a common language and method for teaching a delivery to anyone who wants to learn.”

In the future, The Five Elements of Curling Techniques also will be used as part of the USA Curling certification program, according to the press release.

The book will be available on Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Google Books. The second part of the series, which will focus on shot-making, will be available in the fall of 2012, according to the press release.

Those wishing to read a preview of the book can do so by visiting

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